(2-5 years old)


9.00am - 10.00am


Primary School


Our main class focus is for our little Beans to have a truly unforgettable experience!

We want them laughing, expressing themselves, being active, dancing to music and exploring their creativity!  We want them to be excited to come back each week, make new friends and have fun!

Our classes are carefully structured to coincide with the goals of the ‘Early Years Curriculum’.

We had to opportunity to team up with an EYFS Practitioner with over 20 years experience to create our detailed lesson plans. Therefore, our classes offer rich learning opportunities to develop a range of skills.  With all the fun the children are having, they do not even realise that they are learning!


Our B.O.S.S teachers are selected specifically for their warmth, energy and affection. Not only are they all trained performing arts specialists, but they have experience working with children in Early Years. All staff are enhanced DBS checked and have training in first aid and safeguarding.

Our little Beans classes are split into four sections: 

9 Aims for BOSS Beans


We will be supporting our little Beans as they learn to engage with others and their environment.  Playing and exploring, Active learning and Creating and thinking critically underpin learning and development across all areas of our Early Years Classes.


1. Expressive Arts (EA&D)

2.Confidence and self-awareness (PSED) 

3.New Friendships (PSED)

4.Feelings and Behaviour (PSED)

5. Physical (PD)

6. Listening and Attention (C&L)

7. Understanding and Speaking (C&L)

8. Numbers and Shapes (M)

9. Understand their world (UtW)



All Saints Church




St Lukes Church



10:30 - 11:30

The Charles Holden



It is very important for us that our Beans feel confident and comfortable so they get the most out of their session!

Therefore, at the beginning of each class we ease the little ones in with a fun and exciting warm-up.

This includes group singing, stretching to funky music and some silly games. This ensures they are physically and vocally ready for the class. Our warm up exercises encourage teamwork, individuality and independence. 


Each week is structured around a new and exciting topic.  For example, we could ‘Rocket to the Moon’, ‘Go walking with Dinosaurs’ or even visit a ‘Princess Palace’

OR we may jump into a story book; ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ or helping ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and the children are invited to dive headfirst into the adventure.

The use of improvisation and imaginative play encourages the children to develop their confidence and creativity as they think on their feet, develop their language skills, and work together with classmates.    

We also love to use lots of resources in our classes to keep the children excited and engaged; including musical instruments, puppets, parachutes, masks, torches and much more!



Throughout the third section of class our little Beans prepare for a Mini production that they will perform in front of their friends and family at the end of each term.


The scripts are specially written by our incredible team on either a topic, story, or film that the children love.  With their growing confidence, our little Beans really get the full stage experience with props, costumes, lights, projection and LOTS OF APPLAUSE.


After a fun packed 45 minutes, we feel it's important for our Beans to return to their parent/guardian feeling calm, so that they can continue with the rest of their day. For the last section of the class the children are presented a different story each week by one of our amazing BOSS teachers. (No one quite reads the Gruffalo like a trained actor!) The children are encouraged to get involved with the story as well as encouraging them to sit nicely and listen carefully - a very important life skill we promote our Beans to develop! 

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