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Updated: Mar 17, 2021


We are SO thrilled and honoured to announce that we (Jenn & Sam) are finalists for the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the Club Hub Awards 2021!

We are one of only six finalists this year and are in absolute awe of our fellow finalists!

There are only two cogs that run our whole company (Sam & Jenn) and having only been running our classes for two terms we are shocked and delighted with how far our little company has come already!

This could never have been done without our children and parents who continue to be our biggest support system. A little idea came little under a year ago and B.O.S.S. was born. We constantly pinch ourselves that this has all been possible. 💙

A huge thank you to all of our children for inspiring us every single day with their passion and energy. We are so lucky to be surround by people who make us smile every day! Keep being your wonderful unique selves. 💛

Our parents, this would not be possible without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to stay by our sides through this crazy year. 💜

A massive well done to our fellow finalists and thank you @clubhubuk for supporting us since day/post 1.

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