Our SHOWBIES classes are carefully designed around the EYFS framework to support our little actors development, in addition to introducing them to the wonderful world of performance.

Classes are split into two age groups:

Tiny Showbies:

Ages 2-4


Ages 3-5


Small Class Numbers

Performance every term

Taught by warm teachers with 5+ years experience teaching early years 

Thrilling new drama mission every week!

Special Character visits!

Exciting Class Rescources


Every lesson our SHOWBIES embark on a new drama mission based on an EYFS topic.  The children go on exciting adventures from Alien Space mission, Underwater with mermaids to Safari adventures.

Aided by videos recorded by professional actors who become characters in our weekly narrative. Our young people become completely immersed in this vivid, vibrant story that transport them to another world in which they play a vital part in saving the day!


Working on a different Topic each week allows us to expose their minds to the world about them and to expand their education in a fun way. It also allows them to build in confidence, develop excellent communication skills and learn how to work as part of a successful team.


Every lesson our SHOWBIES are introduced to the idea of performance, working on songs from favourite musicals and films.


Our SHOWBIES work on a EYFS musical that they perform to their families at the end of each term as a major showcase event. The musical combines all of the elements they have learned through class and allows them to show how much they have learned and developed whilst building confidence in front of an audience.

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We support  our little Showbies as they learn to engage with others and their environment.  Playing and exploring, Active learning and Creating and thinking critically underpin learning and development across all areas of our Early Years Classes.

Expressive Arts (EA&D)

Listening and Attention (C&L)

Confidence and self-awareness (PSED) 

Understanding and Speaking (C&L)

New Friendships (PSED)

Feelings and Behaviour (PSED)

Numbers and Shapes (M)

Understand their world (UtW)

Physical (PD)






Payments are made via monthly subscription. Payment will be taken monthly via direct debit on the 1st of each month.

We run classes for 36 weeks in the year. Your payment plan covers you for all classes across the academic year. Your monthly direct debit is worked out via the following calculation:

1 hour classes: £12.50 per class x 36 weeks ÷ 12 months (+ platform fee) = £39.50/month

45 minutes classes £10.00 per class x36 weeks ÷ 12 months (+ platform fee) = £30.00/month


"Thank you for your fantastic classes, Mia woke up every Friday with big grin on her face and wanted to see the mini videos to know what adventure she was going to do on the day."

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"Thank you to you both for such hard work, imagination and patience. You’re truly amazing at what you do!"