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Private Tuition

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At BOSS we offer expert private tuition in the comfort of your own home!


Private tuition is such an excellent opportunity for your child, as the lesson is tailored to your child's specific abilities and needs. With the focus of a skilled professional solely on them, their skills and confidence grow extremely quickly. We always tailor 1-2-1 sessions to fit your needs. 

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Performance Exams 

At BOSS we have experienced Tutors on hand to prep your child on a variety of exams from Verse and Prose and Communications, Acting and Musical Theatre. 

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Singing Tuition

In our private singing lessons, we focus on technique and safe vocal practice. We explore different singing styles, look at various musical theatre songs as well as current pop songs.

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Public Speaking Tuition

Perhaps you are wanting to improve articulation, breathing or projection. We can help on improving vocal techniques for everyday speech or speaking publicly to an audience.

We also offer...


Drama School to Professional Work our tutors have been in your shoes themselves and are the best people to coach you. We can help you prepare scripts, approach audition workshops & with interview techniques.


Together we look at all different techniques and have fun physically & vocally. Exploring different monologues and characters and learning how to build a character and bring them to life.


Perhaps you have a part in a school play that you would like some support in, or a school assembly and you are worried about presenting yourself  or would like to learn a new accent! At BOSS we can help you with any confidence issue!


"Sam's incredible energy and enthusiasm have been contagious and inspirational for our 8 years old daughter during private lessons. 

Her focus on detail and professional approach have helped our daughter to learn how to move confidently on stage, thoroughly enjoying drama and also naturally performing already at very good standards.

We wholeheartedly recommend Sam and her fantastic classes!" 


£50 Hour
£45 45 mins
£40 30 mins


£40 Hour
£35 45 mins
£30 30 mins


Please note: price are subject to vary for an exact quote please contact us. 

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