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Ellie - Arlo (4) &

Ivy (7)

Ivy and Arlo have loved every minute. 


I honestly think no one makes Arlo laugh as much as Lawton, he asks me every day if it’s Boss Acting day and runs in to the room already in hysterics at the thought of just being with him :) . Bearing in mind he was having speech therapy in the summer and is now having the best time on stage shows how far he has come in such a short space of time. 


Ivy also loves both Sam and Jenn (she thinks you are both the coolest and smiliest people she knows!) and it’s been wonderful to see how far she has come along this term. I can’t wait for next term as I think she will love the filming/ tv aspect! 


Merry Christmas to you all. So glad we found you!



B.O.S.S. (Be On Stage & Screen) Acting School is a new cutting-edge drama school founded in 2020 by professional actors, Jennifer Brooke and Samantha Shaw. We deliver classical actor training with a fresh and innovative twist!


We teach children of all ages the skill of performance on stage AND screen. Our actors train in all performance skills, merging the highest professional level tuition with an exciting and dynamic experience.


At B.O.S.S. we put Self-Expression in the spotlight! We build children’s confidence and help them find their voice. We want them to know they are worthy of anything they set their heart on!


Samantha Shaw

BOSS CO-Director


Jennifer Brooke

James Doe

BOSS CO-Director

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