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Our Stage and Screen class has a unique structure designed to give children professional training in ALL mediums of the Performing Arts industry. The class has equal focus on performing on stage, singing, dancing and Film & TV.  

Our Stage & Screen classes are divided into two age groups:

'In-betweens Ages 5-10' and the more advanced 'PROS Ages 11-18'.


Each term at B.O.S.S.  children are given the opportunity to share their work with their family and friends in a Christmas showcase, Red Carpet movie event and a live cinematic musical. Here they are encouraged to celebrate their work and build their confidence in performing in front of an audience. Each term we welcome an industry professional along to do workshops and/or talks with the children. 


We also offer the chance (although this is not compulsory) to take a LAMDA exam at the public centre once a year. If you are new to LAMDA and would like more information on their exams, please click here.


Stage classes focus on learning how to be a fabulous actor on the stage, whether this is through script, singing or dance and movement.

Acting on stage is all about being big and bold. Children learn how to use their voices and bodies to tell a story. In class our students operate as a small theatre company connecting with each other, gaining confidence and using their imagination.


At B.O.S.S not only do we teach children to breathe life into text, we explore acting through song.  We teach the importance of safe vocal practice through a basic understanding of how sound is produced. Throughout the training children will learn a variety of different singing styles and songs, learning to sing as an ensemble and soloist.

In our movement and dance modules, children learn rhythm, coordination and gain further control of their bodies.

B.O.S.S stage training goes beyond the classes. It is proven that those who train are more confident at self-expression. Our lessons encourage children to be more socially independent and adapt to new environments. Through learning clear articulation and vocal definition their communication skills improve and exploring different characters stimulates a more mature emotional understanding.

Each year at B.O.S.S we offer chances for our children to perform in front of an audience of family and friends. A Christmas showcase in our first term and then a cinematic musical in our third. It's amazing to see the difference in these two performances and how much the children have grown as performers.

STAGE Modules Include:

  • Stagecraft

  • Improvisation 

  • Public speaking

  • Poetry

  • Devising

  • Singing Technique including Solo, Duo and Ensemble

  • Musical Theatre Dance

  • Physical theatre


Film & Television has a huge influence on a child's life. It is the most accessible art form. That is why it's an integral part of B.O.S.S training. 


Acting for camera is a completely different skill to acting onstage and is something we feel is very important to explore. The students are taught to bring stories and characters to life in an understated, naturalistic way. They learn to develop a truthful, emotional connection to the text that is captured through the camera lens, to create an amazing performance, just like they see on their favourite films and TV shows. 

When filming we encourage students to explore all roles behind the camera and production so they get the experience of a professional set. This also teaches them a good sense of community and teamwork, solving problems on set and working as a crew.

B.O.S.S doesn't just end when class is over, our amazing team spend hours editing the footage for you to rewatch at home and keep forever! Every year we host a Red carpet Premiere where we ask everyone to dress like movie stars. We invite friends and family along to showcase and celebrate the footage the students have worked so hard on. 


SCREEN Modules Include:

  • Camera Craft - Hitting Marks, Vocal level, Continuity

  • Monologues and Duologues

  • On Screen improvisation 

  • Self-Tapes

  • Audition Preparation

  • TV Presenting

  • Radio - Adverts, Soft sell & Hard sell, Radio Plays, Commentating

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